compiled & edited by Daniel Hagadorn

A preview of what to expect as Americans begin to shoulder the onerous regulations imposed by Obamacare.

The Promise:

One of the most poignant promises of Senator Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was that he would fulfill “a sacred trust with our veterans” by significantly reducing the government’s lengthy backlog of pending claims for disability coverage and qualifying all veterans to receive a decision on their disability claims within 125 days.

The Result:

Records obtained by the Washington Guardian revealed that as of 5 November 2012, the day before President Barack Obama won re-election, 558,230 of the 820,106 veterans seeking disability coverage had pending claims longer than the 125-day target. In other words, 68.1% of veterans are still waiting for the “sacred trust” of 2008 to be fulfilled.

Moreover, there are tens of thousands of additional pending cases in various stages of appeal, where decisions can take months or years to resolve. Currently, the average time required to resolve a case before the Veterans Appeals Board is 883 days, or almost 2.5 years.

If this is how the federal government is treating the brave men and women who have served our country so honorably, how do you think this same federal government will treat us under Obamacare?

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